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Orphan camera?

Publié : mer. 26 mars 2014 / 07:43 am
par Hugger
Someone gave me a Polaroid iS625 digital camera for Christmas, but the instructions that came in the box was on a CD and was for an Olympus camera. I've tried online to fine instructions for my Polaroid camera, to no avail. My camera must be an unsupported orphan, apparently. Where can I find instructions for my camera?

Publié : dim. 25 mai 2014 / 06:50 am
par Instant Passionist
Hi, i can't find anything here in Hamburg (Germany). This model is maybe for the american market only. Or kind of old. I don't know. Good luck....

Publié : dim. 25 mai 2014 / 08:27 am
par jonrev
Contact Polaroid; I imagine they may be able to email you a PDF of the instructions.