Polaroid CZA-05300b (ZCAM) Battery

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Polaroid CZA-05300b (ZCAM) Battery

Messagepar v772 » mar. 15 mai 2012 / 23:56 pm

I got another question for Polaroid digital camera CZA-05300b (ZCAM) Battery .
How many time it need to recharge the battery ?

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Messagepar bimo » mer. 16 mai 2012 / 09:12 am


To answer both your questions about the Zcam camera and its battery, I've never heard or seen any device that could charge this battery in an independant way. The battery must be kept in the camera while charging. It takes about 2,5 hours to have it fully charged, and unfortunately, you must charge it quite often, as it's not a heavy power battery.

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