Polaroid ZCAM Instant Digital Camera - Replacement Battery

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Polaroid ZCAM Instant Digital Camera - Replacement Battery

Messagepar v772 » mar. 15 mai 2012 / 20:38 pm

Hello , I got one question about " Polaroid CZA-05300b (ZCAM) Battery " , but firstly I want to apologize for my terrible english .
So , if I buy Polaroid ZCAM PoGo Instant Digital Camera I will become adapter and I can recharge my battery , while she is in the camera .
But I want to recharge it without the digital camera and I want to ask is there any option to do this , because I search for charger specially for this battery and I cant find anything. Can I use other/different charger (which is not product of Polaroid, maybe ) ?

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