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Robin Hammond Photographer Polaroids

Publié : ven. 06 octobre 2017 / 17:07 pm
par Jomac007

Does anyone know what "Polaroid like film" photographer Robin Hammond uses for his stories? Click on link for photo reference. Thanks for any help!

Publié : ven. 06 octobre 2017 / 18:22 pm
par ulf

the blue stuff remaining in the corners reminds me of a polaroid 690 / 125i.

i might be wrong though.

let's wait for others to give their opinion.

that said, you will have kind of a similar result with a fuji fp-100c. which is the only fresh film still available for pack 100 cameras...


Publié : ven. 06 octobre 2017 / 20:01 pm
par facono
Hi Jomac007 (Bond) Nice to see you here. What you permit us to discover, this very sensitive and very graphically powerful work was realized by Robin Hammond with fresh Fuji FP100C emulsion whose rendering of colors is typical here.
This is obviously the result of an excellent work of light both in direct illumination as well as the background and then by the use of a high quality sharp lens and a careful attention to the focus. Which lets me think that Robin Hammond made this project with a large format view (and perhaps folding) camera and surely the Fuji FP100C-45 when this emulsion also existed in pack for the 4x5 "format.
Thank you for this discovery anyway.

Publié : ven. 06 octobre 2017 / 20:51 pm
par ulf
right. the fp-100c45 got these blue things as well, that the fp-100c doesn't.

bien vu facono.


Publié : ven. 06 octobre 2017 / 21:35 pm
par facono
You're welcome my dear.