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Polaroid manipulation

Publié : lun. 22 mai 2017 / 15:49 pm
par Stefi_78
Hi! Sorry for my English...
I've a question about polaroid films. I have a polaroid image camera, and I'd like to try the technique of manipulation.
In the past the best films for this technique were the image/spectra instant films. So, now these films are out of production and they are replaced with the Impossible films. What do you think about the Impossible Films whit this technique? They are good?
Another solution is to buy image/spectra instant films experied, but I don't know if is a good solution or they are dead and not working good?
Can someone help me??


Polaroid Instant Film

Publié : mar. 03 octobre 2017 / 16:50 pm
par NYCBrian
Hello. Brian from New York City here. I see a lot of you are unaware, but The Impossible Project is no longer. They are now officially calling themselves Polaroid Originals. They've purchased Polaroid Film Division outright and have new Polaroid film, as well as old, and cameras. They are no longer selling however The Impossible films on the Polaroid website. Hopefully that will change. Check it out.

Publié : mar. 03 octobre 2017 / 20:32 pm
par axakadam
Hello My Friend.. in addition to NYCBrian, I would like to tell you that I never heard that image/spectra films are suitable for any manipulation.. 669, yes, SX-7, of course, FP100 models OK for the negatives, Pola 665 & 55 yes for the negatives and some others for the gulps, but image & spectra ? are you sure about it ? Maybe I'm wrong but, please give me some more information..
All the best,

Publié : mar. 03 octobre 2017 / 22:56 pm
par Yvanfr76
I've already used the negative from Image IP film. I use 1 Javel dilution for 13 part of water.
Put it in the solution 1minute + 30 seconds + 15 seconds. Brush it carefully between each ... 248&from=m