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Film for Cambo camera model 40

Publié : jeu. 24 novembre 2016 / 11:30 am
par Guro
I´m wondering if anyone could help me?
I´m looking for film to a Cambo model 40 camera. It´s a camera that takes instant passportrait photos, with 4 portraits per sheet.
As I understand it needs the film Polacolor 125i instant, but I can´t find anyone selling it. Does anyone know if there is another film I can use instead?
I will be very greatfull for help!

Publié : jeu. 24 novembre 2016 / 11:35 am
par ulf
hi and welcome.

you can use fuji fp-100c instead, discontinued recently but still findable.

125i is ISO 100, so is the fp-100c.


Publié : jeu. 24 novembre 2016 / 16:18 pm
par Guro
Thank you!!