Expired Spectra Film?

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Expired Spectra Film?

Messagepar twuffli » lun. 03 octobre 2016 / 03:24 am

Just curious, I'm not really an expert on this stuf. What chance does Spectra film that expired in 2003 have on working? I know it's probably entirely dead but I found some for cheap and was wondering if it'd be worth it to take a chance. Thanks!

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Messagepar ulf » lun. 03 octobre 2016 / 08:34 am


main problem will be the battery. and 2003 is pretty old, if you get something out of it, it will most probably be yellowish and with low contrast.

if it's cheap, give it a try. and if it's not dry, but the batteries are dead, you can still swap the films by using an empty recent cartridge of impossible films.

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