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Polaroid Polacolor 579 + Polapan 665pn

Publié : mer. 17 avril 2013 / 09:38 am
par cykelfuler
I've just found that boxes of polaroids film. I've tell my friend and it seems he's interested to buy them. the matter is I've no ideas of how much I could ask him.
(expiration date around 2000 without beeing in the fridge)
here is picture of the packaging ... 090846.png
If someone can help to manage a price, it could be kind.
Nice day


Publié : mer. 17 avril 2013 / 09:45 am
par xya
this film won't be good any more (which is a pity). so it's just some nice boxes you are selling. if it's a friend, just give it away for free, otherwise 10 bucks and you're fine.