Experiment in Self-terminating Fuji Film & Other Questio

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Experiment in Self-terminating Fuji Film & Other Questio

Messagepar JFB » sam. 08 septembre 2012 / 04:42 am

Yesterday I tried experimenting with Fuji Film's self terminating abilities. Maybe I did something wrong but I was less than satisfied. I got a blotchiness (like something spilled on the photos). The image itself is fine but the glossy finish seems damaged; with a loupe the finish looks cracked. Also because I didn't check at least the first shot all the photos are a bit underexposed (That's my fault, not the film's, I know). Some photos are worse than others, is it due to leaving them un-peeled or something else?

I also got some faint greenish bands on some of the shots yesterday as well as a couple I shot today (which I counted off and peeled after about 100 seconds it was in the mid seventies and very humid yesterday and today) but they have slowly faded or they aren't visible under incandescent light?

I used my new UV filter (#585) today and yesterday as well. It seemed to make a very noticeable difference especially with red brick.

I'm still looking forward to experimenting with some old genuine Polaroid film. I just got a double pack of Polaroid 108 that expired in '96 to play with.

John B.

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