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Anyone have a redundant Mamiya Universal Polaroid back?

Posted: Mon 06 March 2017 / 12:54 pm
by fotofundi
Now that Fuji have dropped all their type 100 instant film line and there is no other source of peel-apart instant film, has anyone in the UK or EU got a Mamiya Universal Polaroid back they never expect to use again? I still have 3 packs of Polaroid B&W in the 'fridge and I'd like to use it on my Universal, but eBay prices are just plain ridiculous. Apart from using up any remaining stocks of Fuji 100 packs, they will soon all be worthless.
Nevertheless I'm in the market for one even if my packs have all dried out and don't produce a thing - it's worth a try, but the price has to be realistic.


Posted: Sat 11 November 2017 / 10:45 am
by fotofundi
I have purchased a Mamiya Polaroid back off eBay and am awaiting its arrival, so no longer need one.