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Some photos come out with vertical lines

Publié : dim. 25 février 2018 / 16:07 pm
par Tincho
A couple of pics I've taken with my Supercolor 635 CL have short vertical lines. The photos were taken with the subject facing the sun (and the sun behind me and the camera). These lines don't seem to be sun beams because they are vertical. This one in particular was taken with the flash on.

Is there something wrong with the camera, the rollers or the film? The film is not expired, and the lines are in the image itself (i. e. they are not scratches in the film's surface)


Publié : dim. 25 février 2018 / 17:07 pm
par CCédric
It’s not your camera, it’s the film. It happens often, you can’t do anything. It’s the chemistry imperfection.

Publié : dim. 25 février 2018 / 17:11 pm
par shadbel
Sonneries it makes good surprise