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Sun 660 Mirror

Publié : lun. 08 janvier 2018 / 19:01 pm
par Foreigner037
Hello everyone, having experience with Polaroid for almost two years now, I recently decided to buy myself a camera too, a Sun 660 one. It's in very good condition and takes nice photos, but the previous owner was a smoker and the whole camera smelled awful, so I decided to clean it. Upon further inspection I noticed that there is a mirror on the inner side of the I don't know what to call it, maybe developing chamber. That mirror was quite dusty and I decided to clean it with a q-tip attached on a quite long toothstick. I was successfull in cleaning it but after that noticed that there are traces of where I rubbed the q-tip and also that there are light but visible under certain condition scratches. I am worried that this will affect the picture qualty. Should I worry or are the scratches not gonna have such a big effect on the pictures?

I've searched everywhere but cannot find a person with a similar problem, every post is about DSLR cameras. Can this even be repairable? If there is a problem can I flip the mirror since i've seen that it's reflective on both sides or even in extreme cases swap it from another camera?