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My camera became hard to close

Publié : mar. 26 décembre 2017 / 18:01 pm
par andreiabc
Well, something weird happened to my camera. Suddenly, the camera (the flash part) became hard to close (Polaroid 600 Sun LMS).

I was in a hot room, and I opened and closed the camera, everything was normal. Then, I went outside and it was cold (well, maybe 14ºC)... I took a picture and, after that, the camera became hard to close.

I managed to close it, but I need to force it a little bit and I hear a 'click' sound. It seems like what is blocking the camera to close is only on the right side of the camera.

Isn't it weird? I was wondering if this has something to do with the thermal shock? :roll:
Has this ever happened to you?