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Shooting in low temperatures

Publié : ven. 01 décembre 2017 / 16:01 pm
par Chlora Virgo
As polaroid film is not ment to be used in low temperatures (below zero), because it may not give the desirable result, I wonder if there are any people who want to share their experiences of doing so and getting good pictures. Especially on polaroid 600 series, as it freezes worse than any other, because of plastic body.
Any tips, advices, personal experience (good or bad) are welcome! And post your pictures here, too, I would love to see polaroids made in cold weather.
I personally have only positive Fujifilm instax experience and still can't make myself go out in cold weather to shoot, because in a moment you wish to go inside. But I will try this out soon.

Publié : mar. 19 décembre 2017 / 22:03 pm
par vinophotography
I shot sx-70 film in my 600se in cold and it's fine as long as you have a warm place for it to develop. I used the inside jacket pocket so it's close to my body.