Shooting issues

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Inscription : ven. 11 mars 2016 / 18:28 pm

Shooting issues

Messagepar Mike1414 » ven. 11 mars 2016 / 18:36 pm

I have searched and searched the forum to no avail, and am a newbie here so I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong place!

I need technical help with my Sun 660 autofocus. It was working marvelously up until my last two film packs. When I insert a new film pack (from Project Impossible) the first cover film ejects as it should. When I go to take my first picture, though, it will not capture an image. The light blinks for the flash, but whether you try to capture an image with or without flash, it never actually happens. If you take the film pack out and reinsert it again, the first photo (blank) ejects as it should. Can anyone give me some input as to what mechanism is flawed? Thanks!


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