Switch between Silver Shade and Color Shade film?

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Switch between Silver Shade and Color Shade film?

Messagepar Harald » mar. 25 décembre 2012 / 17:22 pm


My daughter just got a 636 camera for Christmas. She has one Silver Shade and one Color Shade film. I wonder if it is possible to remove the Silver Shade film cartridge before all pictures has been used and start using the Color shade film? Or will the remaining pictures in the Silver Shade film cartridge then be useless?

Thanks in advance


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Messagepar GrandWazoo » mar. 25 décembre 2012 / 18:46 pm

If she switches like that, she will lost one picture (the upper one from the pack). She must put the darkslide back inside to cover it. There is a tuto on impossible project blog that explains it.


I remembrer another video, with a 600, but can't find it anymore. Anyone?

I hope that helps.

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