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SX_70 withe photos

Publié : dim. 06 mai 2018 / 12:57 pm
par Leo Micoli
Hello, I both few months ago a camera SX-70 on ebay. I put a film B&W IMPOSSIBLE INSTANT FILM 600. But all my 8 pictures are white. I thought it was the pack had a problem. I put an another film POLAROID B&W SX_70. I took one picture and the result is the same. Some one have an idea what could be the problem?

Publié : dim. 06 mai 2018 / 14:34 pm
par CCédric
Did you place the film under the light ?

Publié : mer. 30 mai 2018 / 17:22 pm
par scapy

I have the same issue, and don't know to resolve.
You have any resolution?

Publié : jeu. 31 mai 2018 / 10:47 am
par Meaulne
I faced same issue on a 680, it was because the shutter stayed wide open during all the mirror cycle ...
Impossible fixed that for about 75 or 90 €(dont remember exactly)

Publié : lun. 04 juin 2018 / 19:49 pm
par mimi_club
Keep your white photos for test.

I think that you may try to put the camera at a dry cool place.
Put the white photos back into the photo cartridge.

just try to see if the aperture/shutter will open-and-close or not.
Try some more cycles. Something it may stuck for no reason.