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SX-70 - All film ejected & motor keeps running

Publié : jeu. 28 décembre 2017 / 23:03 pm
par andreiabc
I was enjoying my "new" SX-70 when, after a few shots, I took a picture. The camera ejected that frame but also all the film in the pack.
After ejecting all the film, the motor keeps running. It just stops when I open the film door.

Every time I insert one package (with exposed film, of course), the camera does the same.

What could it be? :roll:

Publié : ven. 29 décembre 2017 / 07:44 am
par babas92
Hi Andreiabc,
It's a problem with a switch, specially the one on the back where there's the gears system (on the right side under the black plastic part).
To resolve, you can start a reset,turning the gear system by hand, when the miror is up you stop and move, with a pin by example, a little bit the switch to the front.
Make a new test and restart if it's not ok.

Publié : ven. 29 décembre 2017 / 18:58 pm
par andreiabc
Hi babas92,

Thank you! I'll try that :)

Publié : mar. 02 janvier 2018 / 18:41 pm
par andreiabc
Hi again,

I have a friend who is helping me with this and he said that the problem doesn't seems to be in that switch. I'm trying to explain what he is experiencing:
When the camera has power the shutter opens but, when he tries to take a picture, the camera doesn't make the regular sequence of taking a picture.
The motor always keeps running.
Every time he inserts the package, the counter restarts to 0 and keeps counting until 10.
If he tries to eject the picture by hand, the camera acts regularly but the shutter stays open. The internal mirror never seems to move.

Thank you, again :)


We figured it out! The problem comes from the switch you were saying, I think. The S5 switch has a short circuit. Let's see if we can solve that :D