1000 Land Camera blue blurry photos

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1000 Land Camera blue blurry photos

Messagepar milka234 » dim. 26 novembre 2017 / 16:12 pm


I recently bought a second hand Polaroid 1000 Land Camera from eBay. The photos roll out but unfortunately seem dedicated to being as blue as possible (see below of a photo of my friend standing in front of a flower stall)...

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2BuS ... 9kekFwZXVz

I have cleaned the rollers, and made sure to immediately placed my second taken photo in the middle of a book so no possible sunlight could get in and unfortunately the results are even worse (entirely black).. Is there a fix for this issue or should I pass this off as a bad job?

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If you took the picture inside, there was a lack of light for this kind of camera and sx70 film.
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