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**URGENT** Where to fix SX-70 in Columbia?

Publié : sam. 15 juillet 2017 / 20:49 pm
par mimi_club
Sorry for bother everyone... with my bad English. :oops:

Can anyone tell me where to fix SX-70 in Columbia?
My friend now in Columbia, with a SX-70...... out of order......

should be something broken at the butt, and the motor keeps running.

If there are an old camera shop, with SX-70,
she can buy another one to continue her trip.

It is hard to google any shop information for Columbia.

Thank you everyone. :( :(

Publié : sam. 15 juillet 2017 / 23:40 pm
par Meaulne
...that's sound as the famous "couplor issue"... Medium+ level to fix it but not easy when not at home

Publié : dim. 16 juillet 2017 / 10:37 am
par mimi_club
I learnt to fix, but I am not in Columbia......

I even can't google any antique camera shop or repair man in Columbia.

Publié : mer. 02 août 2017 / 20:19 pm
par Polaronils
I think it's difficult to repair a Polaroid in Columbia, perhaps you can find somebody in Bogota or Medellin, such as a photo seller ?

Publié : sam. 11 août 2018 / 21:54 pm
par betancur
Did you find somewhere?

Where you in Medellín or Bogotá?

Do you still need the help?

Publié : sam. 06 octobre 2018 / 15:08 pm
par mimi_club
My friend was back, and I found the camera is now dead with no movement when a battery is inserted.
Thanks everyone.