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SX-70 broken piece

Publié : lun. 15 mai 2017 / 00:15 am
par jarrod13
I just got it off craigslist for $20 and the rod that is supposed to lock the film lid is broken off so it won't stay up. When I push the yellow button I can see where it broke off because some of it is still there, but the part that would latch it is broken off. Is there a place to buy a replacement and how hard would it be to change it?

Publié : lun. 15 mai 2017 / 00:35 am
par Leosfcdt

I love the 43$ delivery fee.
Maybe its cheaper for you to buy a second broken sx70 if that piece is fine on it.

Than if you are familiar with "bricolage" as we say in French it's not that hard to replace.

Publié : lun. 15 mai 2017 / 21:51 pm
par jarrod13
Thank you for that, I don't speak French though so I'm unable to see how to order it

Publié : lun. 15 mai 2017 / 23:02 pm
par jarrod13
Another question, is the top half of the focusing circle supposed to be very dark?

SX 70 avec de l´eau salé

Publié : mar. 13 juin 2017 / 10:40 am
par SX-70-1983
je besoin d´un reparateur pour faire une maintenance et reparer le système de fermeture