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[SX-70 Sonar] Bad contact, which part?

Publié : jeu. 06 avril 2017 / 16:06 pm
par mimi_club

Just dunno why my Sonar SX-70... shutter button contact is good. But it 'seems' that the gears cannot be pushed - need to hit the shutter for around 10 times, each time the gears run a little bit.

My bad English - Please watch the very short clips:-
(My Sonar is up-side-down at the moment)

Please help. orz

Publié : jeu. 06 avril 2017 / 17:18 pm
par scaf
I have the same issue on my SLR680.
Haven't found the reason yet.

Publié : jeu. 06 avril 2017 / 17:45 pm
par mimi_club
The sonar has no problem last 2 weeks. I bring it out and use it normally.

I checked the mirror - normal status. It 'seems' that the signal "after" shutter is not okay. But I can't figure out (for a week).

The cable seems alright - maybe I am wrong.