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Polaroid sx-70 focus issue

Publié : jeu. 29 décembre 2016 / 21:11 pm
par LesDaliphants
Hello everyone-

I apologize if this was covered, I tried to find a search feature and browsed, but couldn't find it. (If there is a search feature I'm not seeing, please inform me.)

I recently purchased a Polaroid SX-70 and a few packs of the million dollar film. I didn't think much of my lack of focus, attributing it to rookie behavior, but then heard others mention they can see the focus change in the view finder. My camera, does not do this. When I look through the view finder and rotate the focus button, absolutely nothing changes.

Is my camera faulty? Am I doing this incorrectly? (I believe the Sonar or a different model requires the shutter to be held half-way). Is there a purpose to the half-circle dents in the view finder?

Any suggestions would be great. Thank you for your time!

Publié : jeu. 29 décembre 2016 / 23:14 pm
par CCédric
I apologize for my English. I don't have a solution but yes your sx70 has a problem. It's a reflex camera so you can focus and see clearly in the view finder. When you rotate the focus button, the focus is supposed to adjust. The half circle is here to help you to focus, but I can't explain that in English :oops: I don't know how to fix it but now you know what your sx70 is supposed to do.

Publié : ven. 30 décembre 2016 / 02:04 am
par LesDaliphants
Ok-so I think I figured it out.

It's a Model 3, which apparently is the only SX-70 that needs to be focused by scale.

Publié : ven. 30 décembre 2016 / 09:55 am
par CCédric
Ok, the model 3 is the only non reflex sx70. Forget what I said yesterday, it's for the other model. :? As I remember, you have to estimated the distance to focus. So it's normal that nothing changes in the view finder.