AutoFocus 5000 problem, doesn't take picture

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Inscription : sam. 22 novembre 2014 / 13:48 pm

AutoFocus 5000 problem, doesn't take picture

Messagepar jtlns » sam. 22 novembre 2014 / 13:56 pm

Hi everyone,

I just purchased a Polaroid PolaSonic AutoFocus 5000, it's this one: ... .php?id=79

When I put in the film (Impssible Project), the camera ejects the first slide and appears to be working. But I can't get it to take a picture. When autofocus is on, pressing the shutter button a bit makes the lens move (so I guess it's autofocussing). But when I press the shutter completely, nothing happens. When autofocus is turned off, semi-pressing the shutter button will have the camera a light click. But once again, pressing the shutter completely, doesn't do anything.

I can't see the shutter opening, so I guess the camera is really not taking a picture. FYI, when I semi-press the shutter button, the red LED under the viewfinder turns red.

Anyone has any idea what could be wrong?


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