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Messagepar alexazam419 » jeu. 12 septembre 2013 / 02:03 am

Hi there! My name's Alex.
I just put a new film pack in my sx-70 alpha model 2 and I can't see anything through the view finder. However, I can see through the view finder when I don't have film in it. I'm new to Polaroid cameras. PLEASE HELP!
Alex D.

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Messagepar jonrev » ven. 18 octobre 2013 / 23:19 pm

Sometimes the camera will detect 6v and close the shutter, but fail to eject the darkslide for some reason. If the mirror is not raised, try pivoting the camera open and closed a few times and listen for the shutter click - in my experience, that will eventually "wake it up". Had a Sonar that would do that.

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Messagepar Adrien » ven. 18 octobre 2013 / 23:57 pm

I have a couple of SX with the same problem and I identified the default.
The problem comes from the S3 switch.
This switch is supposed to be normally closed at the beginning of the cycle, then a latch comes open it before ejecting the picture.
Therefore, with time, one of the blade of this switch can be twisted leaving the switch open instead of closed.
What you coud do first is trying to push the blade back to its initial position with a very sharp stick.
Normally it should eject the darkslide.
Then if by pushing the red button it doesn't eject the picture again, that means the blade is still not in its correct position.
You can still try to use a the sharp stick to push the blade.
But if it's not enough, you will have to take off the side gear train to get access to the switch.
I let you find on the web the manuel repair to see where is the S3 switch in your camera, and how take off the gear train and put it back which is the most difficult.
You can find here ... php?t=1623 how take off the back of the camera to have access to the gear train (sorry it's in French but you have good pictures)

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