Type 88 film for Polaroid Square Shooter 2

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Type 88 film for Polaroid Square Shooter 2

Messagepar talkingcats » sam. 08 juin 2019 / 20:39 pm


I recently purchased - for virtually nothing! - a Square Shooter 2 in mint condition in its original box with original documentation. I was hoping to get some film for it but my searches suggest that it's pretty much unobtainable. Is that the case?

If so, the camera still makes a nice display piece but it would be cool to put some film through it. I had one of these as a child and it was nostalgia that prompted the eBay purchase!

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Messagepar scaf » dim. 09 juin 2019 / 07:10 am


It's a nice piece of collection you have.
Unfortunatly, there's no more film for this camera in stores. Production has stopped.
Maybe you can find some on ebay ?
All those films are compatible : http://www.polaroid-passion.com/apparei ... php?id=157
Remember "pack 80" for chosing a film for this camera.
'Faut bien secouer l'pola sinon l'image, elle reste en bas

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