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The Search For a Compatible Land Camera to Use in Europe

Publié : lun. 18 avril 2016 / 05:49 am
par Daniel_Patterson98
Hey everyone,
Over the past two years that I have shot film, I have used the Polaroid 215 and 360 Land Cameras, but this summer I will be going to Europe. The two models I use on a regular basis would be unwieldy when walking long distances while carrying other necessities, but I want to capture Europe with the great glow that only Polaroid pictures have. In short, I am looking for a Polaroid Land Camera that is good quality, affordable, but most importantly, compact. Do you have any suggestions for a portable Land Camera model that I could use abroad? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Publié : lun. 18 avril 2016 / 06:18 am
par ulf
The best solution would be a propack. Light and compact, efficient, and you have the electronic flash as well.


Publié : mar. 19 avril 2016 / 00:36 am
par Daniel_Patterson98
Thanks for the lead. The ProPack looks like a solid camera for portable use. Do you know of any relatively small cameras with a focus that can be gauged through the viewfinder?

Publié : mer. 20 avril 2016 / 19:15 pm
par ulf
a Fuji -fp1 maybe, but the price is not the same...


Publié : mer. 20 avril 2016 / 20:00 pm
par meierlink
What about a Sx70, not the same films but foldable and easy to take with you on an adventure


Publié : lun. 20 novembre 2017 / 00:57 am
par jeanbrewer
The search for a Compatible land camera to use in Europe was successful, I suppose. Thanks for opening this thread!