polaroid metal plate for fuji film pack

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polaroid metal plate for fuji film pack

Messagepar bother21 » mer. 05 mars 2014 / 10:07 am

Hi there, new to the forums... and to polaroid cameras. Just got working a 340 and 350 with much advice from the internet, first shot this morning and pretty please with myself. The 350 came with an empty polaroid film pack which I was able to reuse the metal back from for my Fuji film. However I need another old polaroid metal film pack back plate to reuse on film in the other camera. The prices on old polaroid film are astronomical, even for film that clearly would never work (who is buying this?) so I wanted to ask if anyone has this old plate they could sell to me at a reasonable cost. I'm in the UK, so Europe based would be a whole lot cheaper for me.

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Messagepar ulf » mer. 05 mars 2014 / 17:07 pm


i can send you a few metal plates without any problems.

i would just ask to have the shipping costs paid, if that's ok for you. no idea how much it would costs... 1-2£ i guess.

but i'm on holidays right now and won't be able to send anything until march 10th.

let me know.

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