Polaroid J33 Land Camera

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Polaroid J33 Land Camera

Messagepar GatorDude » lun. 13 août 2012 / 00:18 am

One of the interesting, but thus far unusable cameras in my collection is the Polaroid J33. It shoots Series 30 Roll Film that hasn't been made for a long time.
Nevertheless, here is a write up on it with pictures - Vintage Camera Review: Polaroid J33 Land Camera

My question - Is there any way to revive this old camera? Find compatible film, etc.? Any tips or hints would be appreciated.

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Messagepar 3rdTrick » lun. 13 août 2012 / 00:50 am

There are a few people who convert the older roll film cameras to type 100 pack film. This requires cutting and adding a new back and is quite expensive so you want to pick the best camera body for the conversion. I am looking convert a 110. Anyway , those old roll film cameras are awesome to look at and make great collector pieces for little cost.

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