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Polaroid ZIP vs HP Sprocket

Publié : dim. 02 avril 2017 / 03:21 am
par dikemusk
Personally, I've checked all the top instant mobile printers out there in the market. I think Polaroid is doing a great job with their Polaroid ZIP camera and I found that Fujifilm Instax Share SP2 is performing seriously bad in the market. The two new printers which got into my eyes is the HP Sprocket printer and the Prynt iPhone printer, both are good, but users prefer HP sprocket over Polaroid ZIP and Share SP2. While we did the research, we came to know that almost a good number say 60% of the polaroid printer users are looking for HP Sprocket rather than those others. I've written an article comparing both HP Sprocket vs Polaroid ZIP and you can read it here