Impossible ends Battery Return Program

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Impossible ends Battery Return Program

Postby Vinz » Thu 04 July 2013 / 22:43 pm

Impossible ends Battery Return Program

Since 2011 , The Impossible Project has been helping to protect the environment by encouraging photographers to return their old used film pack batteries to our factory in Enschede, in the Netherlands, so they might be re-cycled.

Through this program, we've managed to alleviate unnecessary wastage and improve the environment by re-using the remaining charge in used batteries. Unfortunately, more and more of the batteries we receive can no longer be recycled, meaning that the environmental cost of shipping them now outweighs the benefitof recycling them.

For this reason, as of 15th July, 2013 we must discontinue the battery return program.

We thank everyone who has taken part and helped us make a positive environmental impact.

We're continuing to researche new ways of making analog instant photography more environmentally friendly. This includes developing new battery-less instant film for our new range of camera products, starting with the Instant Lab and Pinhole cameras, to be released next month.

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