office polaroid - help!

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Jane F
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office polaroid - help!

Messagepar Jane F » jeu. 18 mai 2017 / 14:18 pm

Hi, guys!
I need to buy a polaroid to my work.
The idea is to taking the polaroids pictures during our events and selling them to our guests. We are the charity so we expect that will be a good idea to earn a little bit on it.
And here are starts all the problems. We need big pictures around 3x4 (?) but most of insta camera has really small pictures. I was thinking about old classic polaroids but I am worried that it will be very difficult to buy a paper for it.
The other problem is a cost of paper if we want to earn something on it, we need cheap paper and some of them that I saw were even £20 for 8 photos... :beurk:

Is anyone has any idea or tips how could I solve it? Please :wink:

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Messagepar kyriios » jeu. 18 mai 2017 / 17:40 pm


Take a look at "Fuji Instax Wide"
There are cameras made by Fuji or by Lomography, Films are available : 20€ <=> 20 photos

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