Polaroid Workshop

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Polaroid Workshop

Messagepar kim » mer. 01 mai 2013 / 02:24 am

Anyone hosted kid-friendly workshops in their community using Polaroids. I'm working with my local farmers market to do photo-telling (photography + storytelling) workshops this summer with market goers (kid/their families). They'll be documenting life at the market and sharing the stories behind their images, putting them on display at our booth or sharing them open-mic style. Wondering if we can do all this with our smartphones and print instantly on-site or if there's an instant film camera that should be our go-to. Any recommendations?

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Messagepar scaf » mer. 01 mai 2013 / 09:26 am

There are easy-to-use instant cameras by Fuji : the Instax. More recent than Polaroids, they use Fuji instant films that are cheaper than Impossible films.

More info on Fuji's website : http://www.fujifilm.com/products/film_camera/instant/
I don't know any US store.

You won't do exactly the same thing if you're using a smartphone or an instant camera. With the smartphone you'll be online easily and with the instant you'll hold the picture immediatly (no print or computer or drivers issues!), which is very fun.
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Messagepar Yglotte » mer. 01 mai 2013 / 09:39 am

I know that you can get Fuji Instax Mini and Wide in most Wallmarts/Cosco, and in most photography shops they have FP-100C, for older packfilm cameras.
If you want to go iPhone/smartphone style, the impossible project made an iPhone Instant lab, on Kickstarter :wink:

Where do you live in the U.S ?
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Messagepar kim » jeu. 02 mai 2013 / 05:45 am

Hey guys. Thanks for the insight!

I saw the Fuji Instax last week and was glad to see instant film cameras still existed because I was super bummer when I heard that Polaroid was going to end it's line.

I, too, love the idea of having the image in our hands in a matter of seconds. But, I'm not much of a photographer and wouldn't compose a decent shot most of the time if it weren't for the grid on my smartphone. Given the age group we're going to be working with -- so connected to technology -- it's a really great opportunity to help them see how the past, present and future are connected. (Enter the iPhone Instant Lab video -- thanks Yglotte! What a way to teach that lesson. Now, if only we could get our hands on one of those.)

I checked with my local Costco and it looks like they don't carry instant models. Then, Best Buy came to mind. And, I got in touch with them, but, their donation season is about done. We'll see if they can help out with what we're looking for. I know my local Walmart has the Fuji Instax, so I'll have to into seeing if they can donate some instant cams + film. Now, my only issue with the Instant Lab is that it isn't out, yet. And, the Polaroid GL10 or Z2300 seems so much more convenient; the GL10 because it's compact and we would definitely use it outside of workshops, so, the idea of having to carry around one more thing sounds worth it. Although, I've read that it doesn't work with the iPhone (unless jailbroken). Bummer. And, the Z2300 is also more compact, but, unlike the GL10 we'd only be using it for photos. Doesn't help with the whole smartphone interactivity we're shooting for and it's one more thing we'd have to carry.

Anyone know if Polaroid or the Impossible Project has a donation program?

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Messagepar captainlou » jeu. 02 mai 2013 / 21:42 pm

here in the states i purchased my instax wide from mel pearce camera in Hollywood but i purchased from them through amazon ($60 delivered for the camera) and ebay (about $80 delivered for 100 pictures - 5 double boxes each containing two 10 film cartridges).

it was about the most reasonable i found and his film is very current.

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Messagepar Xpired » ven. 10 mai 2013 / 15:43 pm

Hi Kim & welcom!
I think your idea for the kids workshop is great.
How old are the kids?
I just did a Polaroid LiftIt workshop which would be great to use in a photo-telling-drawing-dotogether
It is pretty straight forward - you cut a polaroid photo and put it in a hot bath and then lift the emulsion with a brush from the transparent back which you then put on a big size aquarel paper, dry for a short while. You can use paint, color pencils, glue anything on etc. to make a polapainting
Because this involves hot boiling water its not for the very small kids
Or perhaps you do the first part and let the kids go-crazy-creative when the polaroid is on the aquarel paper.

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