No help from Polaroid re zip

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No help from Polaroid re zip

Messagepar ekajati » mer. 05 octobre 2016 / 13:12 pm

Hi All

I love my Polaroid zip but since an Apple update to iOS in March 2016 it no longer shows thumbnails of my photos to print them. I have an iPad mini 2. I have emailed them repeatedly and they just keep saying the technicians are looking into it. Or they used to, now they will not reply to me at all. I have not been rude ever, I have just asked for updates as it is very annoying. I have tried everything - calling all the customer service numbers I could find - at least 20 minutes total waiting with no indication of where I was in a queue etc. I tried tweeting several times and also posting to their Facebook page and have had zero reply. I am very frustrated and angry about this. I want to speak to an actual person. Actually by now it has reached the point where I want to complain to some higher authority as I can't believe that a supposedly reputable company like Polaroid would provide zero real support for a customer, not even to the extent of someone at the end of a phone line to tell me they're not going to do anything. If anyone on this forum know a UK number I can ring which will actually get me to a human then great please let me know, otherwise I'm going to start thinking Advertising Standards Authority or an Ombudsman. This is truly ridiculous. Thanks all

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Messagepar xya » mer. 05 octobre 2016 / 18:39 pm

polaroid isn't a reputable company, it's a brand name. in 2001 the original company went bust. the brand was sold several times, the last sale of major parts was 2014/2015. the brand can be bought by any company that makes a product within their brand range. so there is no polaroid consumer service, it's the company which makes the products duty to do the service for their product.

there have been many complaints about the zip service. most of the people did not report back, so if you find a solution, we would like to hear about it. so we can't help you, but you could help us...
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