Giving away Polaroid Prints

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Giving away Polaroid Prints

Postby 3rdTrick » Wed 03 July 2013 / 15:40 pm

To me the fun of Polaroid is giving the picture away. I even have paper folding frames to put prints in. I often give them to complete strangers that I meet. The Polaroid camera is always a hit and I have even had people offer to pay me. No, I did not toke their money...

This is Sarah at the Donut Shop. I usually stop by once a week and one week I brought in my Converted Speedliner. She was really happy when I gave her the print. I scanned the FP3000B negative.

Now the big problem is that once you give it away, you no longer have it. The best solution is to take two prints but it is not always easy to have the subject stand still for the second shot. The FP3000B negatives scan fairly well but you need to keep them dry and clean while travelling. The FP100C negatives must be bleached to recover but I have not tried any yet.

Do any of you do this? Post your pics and tell us the story.

PS: I have had so much fun meeting people and photographing them that I started my own Flickr group:
Check it out and join, I don't have any members yet...

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Postby bimo » Wed 03 July 2013 / 15:53 pm

That's indeed a very good way to use instant photography!
Arno, known here as Ramon Shoopeak has traveled in Asia a few times, with Dolores, his 4x5 field camera and Fuji 100-C films, and using the idea of "one for you, one for me".
Of course it's more expensive than keeping all negatives and bleaching them back in France, but I found that pretty cool.

And of course, most of us do the same, either shooting twice, either using the negative or the goop when it's possible, or even giving the picture and not keeping anything, just for the pleasure. That's what I've done the most, not having a sample here to show.

Great idea anyway!

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