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New to the boards.

Publié : lun. 19 novembre 2018 / 19:55 pm
par gommy1234
31 years ago when I left CD treatment I decided to add a daily discipline to my life. I choose to take multiple spectra photos everyday for a year of my son David. From May 11, 1987 when he turned 5 yrs old, to May 11, 1988, when he turned 6. At the end I assembled 13 30" x 40" frames that comprised 366 pictures. Two yrs later I did the same thing with my son Daniel when he turned 5. The projects are called, "A Year in the Life of David" and "A Year in the Life of Daniel". They were inspired by the "Day in the Life of..." series.
I've never displayed them, and I've been dormant from photography since then. Thought I'd throw a few sample out there and see what folks think.

Publié : mar. 08 janvier 2019 / 15:36 pm
par Tincho
Welcome to the site!

I look forward to seeing your work!