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Hello from Belgium

Posted: Wed 15 August 2018 / 13:16 pm
by AxeTB
Hi everyone,

I'm glad to have discovered this community of active polaroid photographers. Hoping to learn from your experience with instant film.

I've been into photography for about 15 years now, but mostly DSLR work. I've just bought my first Polaroid OneStep 2 camera with a bunch of film cartridges. I hope the learning process will be gentle for me and I that I can regularly post pictures on this site. At the moment I'm mostly loving the immediacy and rush of taking a picture with this camera. It is such a different feeling from digital photography and I hope to unearth the specific qualities of this type of photography.

See you all around!

Posted: Wed 15 August 2018 / 17:17 pm
by axakadam
Welcoooome Dear Friend... everything you need to be a super-polaroitiste is already explained in your message.. Post quickly !