Hello from Detroit

If you are new to the site, please take a moment and introduce yourself! This is a good section to break the ice and meet our very friendly community!
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Hello from Detroit

Postby CunardPier54 » Sat 07 April 2018 / 01:31 am

Hi folks!

A Polaroid fanatic checking in from Detroit, Michigan. Glad to be here. I currently have over 20 various Polaroids ranging from SX-70s, Land Cameras and even the new OneStep 2.

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Postby facono » Sat 07 April 2018 / 08:29 am

Hey, folk!
Welcome here at Polaroid-Passion. See you in the gallery too.
We are always delighted to see what interest can have the site so far away.

Tarde venientibus ossa.

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Postby shadbel » Mon 09 April 2018 / 18:17 pm

Hey! Your welcome

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