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A Hearty Hello from Antwerp!

Posted: Thu 08 March 2018 / 18:54 pm
by IfaBrand

My name is Ifa Brand.
I have been a freelance model for 3 years and have just recently discovered the wonders of polaroid photography!

I shoot self portraits in a dark erotic voyeuristic setting with a lot of hidden fetishism.
(Yes, you wanted an introduction so I'm giving you one! :D )

I shoot with the OneStep 2 and I-1 for now but looking forward to try out other cameras as well and expand my photography.

Hope to share my work and discover that of others.

Posted: Thu 08 March 2018 / 19:47 pm
by shadbel
Hello and welcome, nice photo!

Posted: Thu 08 March 2018 / 21:58 pm
by Orca
Bienvenue à toi, à tes autoportraits et à ton univers :D

Posted: Fri 09 March 2018 / 11:26 am
by axakadam
Welcome to the polahelloroid Dear Ifa...I like your work...