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Hello from Germany

Publié : lun. 05 mars 2018 / 20:03 pm
par Dirk_Haas
My name is Dirk. I am born in 1974 in Germany. I live in the near of cologne.
I have bought my first camera, a digital one in 2005 to the birth of my son. Landscapes and weddings are my passion for the first years.

In 2016 I have begun my personal analogue year. I start with a Polaroid 600SE and a SX-70.
My new passion was Nude art Photography with peel appart films and the SX70 Films from Impossible project. Now i work with a sx70 sonar and the Polaroid original Films. I use the 600se on every shooting.
I want to tell story with my pictures....
It´s nice to stay here

Publié : lun. 05 mars 2018 / 20:04 pm
par shadbel
Hello and welcome :D

Publié : lun. 05 mars 2018 / 21:12 pm
par xya
willkommen, dirk. there are some more germans on this forum like me, who lives in france and germany. as you may have seen, there are many members who share their photos, and nudes are amongst them. so we look forward to your photos...

Publié : mer. 07 mars 2018 / 11:17 am
par Tincho
Welcome, Dirk!

Publié : mer. 07 mars 2018 / 16:50 pm
par axakadam
Helloooo and welcome Dear Dirk... I already sent you a personal message :-) Looking forward to see more of your super work !

Publié : mer. 07 mars 2018 / 16:57 pm
par shadbel

Publié : mer. 07 mars 2018 / 17:44 pm
par xya
et les polaroides

Publié : mer. 07 mars 2018 / 17:51 pm
par axakadam
Bin oui.. il est super photographe Dirk...