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Greetings from Argentina

Publié : dim. 28 janvier 2018 / 16:51 pm
par Tincho
Hi everyone

My name is Martin. I'm from Argentina, four decades old.

I'm new to both Polaroid and Polaroid Passion. In fact, I've just ordered a digital instant print camera (Poalroid Snap Touch) and I'm waiting for it to arrive. Yeah, I know it's not the real thing (it's got nothing to do with the classic Polaroids). But I'm very interested in the classic Polaroid films and cameras too.

When I was a kid, it was common for me to see those cool instant cameras in Hollywood movies and I always thought "Wow! I want one!". But well, they were uncommon and expensive over here. Now I've bought the Polaroid Snap and looking forward to buying a classic analog Polaroid and some Polaroid Originals/The Impossible Project film.

So I came here for advice (I'll start a separate thread in the appropriate section) and eventually sharing any cool pic I might take.

Publié : dim. 28 janvier 2018 / 21:20 pm
par esger
Bienvenido !

Publié : lun. 29 janvier 2018 / 08:39 am
par tripleZone
Welcome and greetings from Berlin!

Publié : mar. 30 janvier 2018 / 12:50 pm
par Tincho
Thanks, esger and tripleZone! :)

Publié : mar. 30 janvier 2018 / 14:32 pm
par axakadam
Welcoooome Dear Friend.. Enjoy the Polahell..

Publié : mar. 30 janvier 2018 / 14:43 pm
par Tincho
Thanks, axakadam!

So I guess this is the most popular and the largest unofficial Polaroid community, right?

One thing that surprises me is that such legendary brand has not built an official community to reach out to enthusiasts and customers. Any good and respectable brand would do that. Polaroid should have an official forum, a gallery for users and things like that, but it seems they have no clue :(