Chlora Virgo, Russia

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Chlora Virgo
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Chlora Virgo, Russia

Messagepar Chlora Virgo » mer. 08 novembre 2017 / 12:54 pm

Hello to all community members!
My real name is Tatiana, you can use both nickname and real name. I'm from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. I found myself a little emotionally lost recently and want to concentrate on art and craft, and come back to film photography, and I'm happy to find this community. I may not be active in comments, but I will be reading forum topics with passion.
I like both digital and film photography, but latter takes special place in my heart, because It's much harder and I love challenging tasks.
I use Nikon D3000 for digital (maybe will upgrade this one), Polaroid Spirit 600 and Fujifilm Instax for instant film photography. My goal for now is to create a photoalbum that will represent my feelings about things that happen around me. I am open for critiques and advices and willing to experiment.
Some polaroid shots from the past.
Image Image Image

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Messagepar axakadam » mer. 08 novembre 2017 / 13:22 pm

Welcooooome Tatiana... hope to see mor of your work, but I must say that the first b&w above is superb ! All the best,

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Messagepar adriander » mer. 08 novembre 2017 / 13:29 pm

Welcome : ) Can't wait to see more of your work

regards !

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Messagepar kavalkad » mer. 08 novembre 2017 / 17:25 pm

Polaroidographe de bac à sable

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Messagepar facono » mer. 08 novembre 2017 / 22:11 pm

My apologies Tatiana but my Russian is rather rusty, so I'll tell in English: welcome here into Polaroid-Passion site, even in English for you as we are very understanding with our friends who come from far away!
Make yourself comfortable here and in the gallery. congratulations for these first photos.

Tarde venientibus ossa.

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Messagepar Photawam » jeu. 09 novembre 2017 / 20:37 pm

A pleasure to have you around here !
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Une image vaut mille mots.

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Messagepar jj_reypol » dim. 12 novembre 2017 / 00:31 am

Welcome Tatiana, wish you beautiful photos, both analog and digital !


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