Saluts ! New user - Colombia/ U.S.A

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Saluts ! New user - Colombia/ U.S.A

Messagepar elbrujodigital » mer. 25 octobre 2017 / 05:20 am

Saluts ..

new to the forum so just saying 'ello .. I am a full time creator
that is now returning my attention to my visual expression
after some 35+ years focused on music. Born, raised and developed
my skill sets in the analogue domain. After shaking the dust off
my eyes with digital tools, re-orienting and creative muscle
strengthening, that are not cost prohibitive .. I'm now stepping back
into analogue reproduction.

grew up up with integral film just being part of the the everyday
landscape. Not to mention being born a stone's throw from Dr. Land's
HQ. And the cameras and film still hold the same magic !

I've had a fair share of various integral film cameras pass through my
life and they've all just died off. At the time it never even occured to
me that one day they wouldn't just 'be there' anymore.

but through some odd and wonderfull rip in the universe the thrift
store near me has been pouring Polaroids into my life ! And other sorts
of odd analogue photographic ephemera.

so .. I am now blessed with a Polaroid 'One Step close up' and a
Polaroid autofocus 660 .. each purchased for less than $7.00 USD.

but the best part is that they are BOTH in perfect working and
cosmetic shape !

if there is any interest in my work (although up to now there is just
a few pieces done with integral film) here is my web presence:
instagram: @dub_13

cheerz !

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Messagepar esger » mer. 25 octobre 2017 / 08:55 am

Bienvenido Chrixtopher el brujo ! (y bienvenido con tu One Step y Autofocus 666... oups ! "660"... :wink: )

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