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Publié : jeu. 20 avril 2017 / 14:04 pm
par Felicita
Hi There!
My name is Felicita. I started using polaroids in 2002 and now I'm looking to revive this passion since I bought my Impossible I-1 :-)
I also hope to learn a lot from all of you!

Publié : jeu. 20 avril 2017 / 16:31 pm
par jj_reypol
Hi Felicita, welcome here.

We all have to learn a lot; so it's nice to join and share with us!


Publié : jeu. 20 avril 2017 / 18:12 pm
par axakadam
Absolutely.. For instance I'm Learning so much here that finally I'm afraid to shoot ... Jocking :-) Welcome Felicita ..