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Hello from Holland

Publié : lun. 17 avril 2017 / 20:56 pm
par Carla
My name Carla Ellens,

a fine art photographer with passion for Polaroid.
Besides i also work with other alternative photography methods like Cyanotypie, Lumenprints, Mixed Media and more.
In my studio and small gallery beeldbliC, i give several workshops with all this fantastic material. So sharing information is certainly important to keep alive this amazing photography! Like past week, i had the opportunity to work with the 55 film from 1990, so 27 years old. Fully surprised by this old film, it worked. Of course not perfect, but perfection is not the pursuit. Thanks to FB friends, the second shoot gave me more image with the tip;
Heating up the material!

My favorite cameras/
SX70 Alpha, SLR680, the Land 100, and working with de TC.
My art work you can find her;
The studio and gallery is:

I hope together we keep Polaroid alife!

Greetz Carla

Foto expired Polaroid 100 from serial work "Mystery Land"


Publié : lun. 17 avril 2017 / 21:24 pm
par Orca
Welcome! Thank you for the sharing of your beautiful photos and your photographic work :D :super:

Publié : lun. 17 avril 2017 / 21:38 pm
par Carla
This place also thanks! Searching for special film i loved to check this site for the latest made images. So i learned from here, and like to share my knowledge with you.

Publié : mar. 18 avril 2017 / 12:10 pm
par jj_reypol
Hello Carla, welcome !

I'm very happy to discover your photos and work; You have wonderful photos of so many types
on your websites; the workshops you give are very interesting too; it's great to have a studio
where you can work, experiment and so on; congratulations !

I'm looking forward to see more of your work; thank you so much for sharing.

Jean Jacques

Publié : mar. 18 avril 2017 / 17:17 pm
par tripleZone
Welcome Clara!

Many participants on PP share your passion for expired stuff, and not few are addicted to the smell of rotten chemistry.

Greetings from Berlin

Publié : mar. 18 avril 2017 / 19:15 pm
par axakadam
Yess yesss Dear Clara... post post, you're great... But please tell me more about this "Heating up the material" thing...

Publié : mer. 19 avril 2017 / 01:13 am
par Carla
@Jean Jacques, thanks for looking at my work. I believe photography is also continuously developing yourself.

@Jürgen, you are right, and yes not only with Polaroid, if you smell my different tea for Cyanotypie toning of several weeks old...
But the results are great like old Polaroid!

@axadam, thanks for your very nice comments!

And about the heating;
Before shooting with old material,
i use my dishwarmer at the highest position for at least 10 minutes to heat up the chemistry after the tip.
And yes, this is working.
Of course not completly with stuff from 1990, but i didn't lost any film after, film with zero results.
I also heard people use an oven at 40 degrees, also for 10 minutes.
I didn't try this yet. But i will do this certainly in the future away from home.
I even think about "au bain marie" in cases without oven or dishwarmer.
Besides i was very surprised about this 55 results, package just kept for many years on the attic!

Here an example of this experiment/

Publié : mer. 19 avril 2017 / 10:29 am
par axakadam
Dear Carla, thank you so much for the heating tip.. I'm immediately seduced by the bain-marie alternative, believing that the steam could also help a little... Jean Jacques, my Friend, did you hear that..? Maybe we can buy now prehistorical PN55's :-)


Publié : sam. 12 mai 2018 / 10:12 am
par SpolaroidS
Hallo Carla! Thank you for the sharing of your beautiful photo's and your photographic work. I will follow you, to keep my eye's on your work. Peter van Ophoven.

Publié : sam. 12 mai 2018 / 15:01 pm
par henri
Welcome Carla
Your photos are beautiful.