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Publié : ven. 25 décembre 2015 / 17:39 pm
par kokekliko
J'ai eu le même problème sans vraiment chercher de solution, je vais testé quand je j'aurai un peu de temps, merci pour la question et les réponses.

Publié : mar. 04 avril 2017 / 14:15 pm
par Admin010
You will see how camera manufacturers are allowing to the "lack of knowledge" to reason to their buyers to fall prey to the megapixel frenzy that has taken to the camera buying public captive. It has not been very long from the time when the advent of the digital camera that could be purchased through the general public. The first digital cameras were extremely very expensive. But, now, digital cameras are as very common like cell phones. In fact most cell phones have a digital camera.
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