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by Chlora Virgo
Fri 01 December 2017 / 16:01 pm
Forum: Polaroid® 600 Series
Topic: Shooting in low temperatures
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Shooting in low temperatures

As polaroid film is not ment to be used in low temperatures (below zero), because it may not give the desirable result, I wonder if there are any people who want to share their experiences of doing so and getting good pictures. Especially on polaroid 600 series, as it freezes worse than any other, b...
by Chlora Virgo
Wed 08 November 2017 / 12:54 pm
Forum: Welcomes and Introductions
Topic: Chlora Virgo, Russia
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Chlora Virgo, Russia

Hello to all community members! My real name is Tatiana, you can use both nickname and real name. I'm from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. I found myself a little emotionally lost recently and want to concentrate on art and craft, and come back to film photography, and I'm happy to find this community. I ...

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