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par edteach
ven. 04 novembre 2016 / 19:17 pm
Forum : Polaroid® SX-70 & 1000, 2000... Land Camera
Sujet : SX70 Sonar.
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SX70 Sonar.

I picked this up at a flea market for 15 dollars untested. It was a roll of the dice. I just received a new box of impossible film. As I put the cartridge in I held my breath and the cover black popped out. I next needed to find a subject for my first photo with Polaroid film in more than 30 years. ...
par edteach
ven. 04 novembre 2016 / 18:59 pm
Forum : Welcomes and Introductions
Sujet : Hi From Sunny Florida
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Hi From Sunny Florida

New to the forum. I grew up with the Polaroid cameras. From Disney World to other trips my family had them. I had not thought about them until I watched the doc. the Impossible project. I sparked my interest but I saw the XS70s were starting to go way up on ebay. At a local flea market I ran across ...

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